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Field Name Field Value Description
Username superuser Simple text field
Firstname Required text field, originally empty
Sex Select, loaded from js array. Custom display
Group Admin Select, loaded from server. No buttons mode
Error While Loading Active Error when loading list items
Plan vacation? 25.02.2024 Datepicker
Date of birth Date field (combodate)
Setup event Datetime field (combodate)
Meeting start 15/03/2024 12:45 Bootstrap datetime
Comments awesome
Textarea. Buttons below. Submit by ctrl+enter
Type State Twitter typeahead.js
Fresh fruits Checklist
Tags html, javascript Select2 (tags mode)
Country Select2 (dropdown mode)
Address Your custom input, several fields


WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get.
But may also refer to:
  • WYSIWYG (album), a 2000 album by Chumbawamba
  • "Whatcha See is Whatcha Get", a 1971 song by The Dramatics
  • WYSIWYG Film Festival, an annual Christian film festival


Wysihtml5 (bootstrap only).
Toggle by another element
Popover edit mode is not supported in Bootstrap 5 yet.

We are now implement it with the inline edit mode until the plugin support with the popover in Bootstrap 5.

(all ajax requests here are emulated)

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