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Flot Basic Line Chart

Create a placeholder, make sure it has dimensions (so Flot knows at what size to draw the plot), then call the plot function with your data. The axes are automatically scaled.

Flot Interactive Chart

One of the goals of Flot is to support user interactions. Try pointing and clicking on the points and you will see a jQuery created tooltip.

Flot Bar Chart

Flot supports lines, points, filled areas, bars and any combinations of these, in the same plot and even on the same data series.

Flot Interactive Pie Chart

The pie can be made interactive with hover and click events. It will alert the value for each categories

Flot Live Updated Chart

You can update a chart periodically to get a real-time effect by using a timer to insert the new data in the plot and redraw it.

Flot Stacked Chart

This is useful if you wish to display both a total and the constituents it is made of. The only requirement is that you provide the input sorted on x.

Flot Tacking Chart

You can add crosshairs that'll track the mouse position, either on both axes or as here on only one.

Flot Donut Chart

Multiple slices less than a given percentage (5% in this case) of the pie can be combined into a single, larger slice.

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