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Buttons class="" Color Code
Sign in with btn btn-social btn-adn #D87A68
Sign in with Bitbucket btn btn-social btn-bitbucket #205081
Sign in with Dropbox btn btn-social btn-dropbox #1087DD
Sign in with Facebook btn btn-social btn-facebook #3B5998
Sign in with Flickr btn btn-social btn-flickr #2BA9E1
Sign in with Foursquare btn btn-social btn-foursquare #f94877
Sign in with GitHub btn btn-social btn-github #444444
Sign in with Google btn btn-social btn-google #DD4B39
Sign in with Instagram btn btn-social btn-instagram #3F729B
Sign in with LinkedIn btn btn-social btn-linkedin #007BB6
Sign in with Microsoft btn btn-social btn-microsoft #2672EC
Sign in with Odnoklassniki btn btn-social btn-odnoklassniki #F4731C
Sign in with OpenID btn btn-social btn-openid #F7931E
Sign in with Pinterest btn btn-social btn-pinterest #CB2027
Sign in with Reddit btn btn-social btn-reddit #EFF7FF
Sign in with SoundCloud btn btn-social btn-soundcloud #FF5500
Sign in with Tumblr btn btn-social btn-tumblr #CB2027
Sign in with Twitter btn btn-social btn-twitter #55ACEE
Sign in with Vimeo btn btn-social btn-vimeo #1AB7EA
Sign in with VK btn btn-social btn-vk #587EA3
Sign in with Yahoo! btn btn-social btn-yahoo #720E9E
<!-- required files -->
<link href="../assets/plugins/bootstrap-social/bootstrap-social.css" rel="stylesheet" />

<!-- html -->
<a href="javascript:;" class="btn btn-social btn-adn">
  <span class="fab fa-adn"></span> Sign in with

Social Sign-In Buttons made in pure CSS based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome!

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